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Ooze Duplex Pro Battery

Ooze Duplex Pro Battery

The Duplex Pro is the ultimate vaporizer for those who are always switching back and forth between carts and dabs. This is a 510 device that has been a fan-favorite for years. It even won Best Vaporizer at the High Times Cannabis Cup! It has a powerful 900 mAh battery that keeps you puffing all day long.

The Duplex Pro uses magnetic 510 adapters; it includes an adapter for 1g carts and ½g cartridges. Screw this onto the bottom of your cartridge and drop it in the chamber. Click the trigger-style button 5x to turn the device on and off. The Duplex Pro offers 4 different voltage levels. Remove the magnetic button cover to reveal the 4 temperatures, each with a different LED light color; click the button 3x to change voltage levels.

The Duplex Pro isn’t just for oil cartridges! Each one includes a matching atomizer tank to load extract into. Unscrew the top, load your dab onto the dual quartz coils, screw the magnetic adapter onto the bottom, and drop it in the chamber just like a cartridge. Taking your dabs to go couldn’t be easier!

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